From its first day of implementation, CSBY has made a positive impression on parents, group leaders, and the children themselves. Their support and enthusiasm have inspired others to implement CSBY in their after-school programs, churches, and community centers.

“CSBY has done an excellent job educating my daughter about her heritage and giving her a sense of pride about her race.”

“Highlight of my son's weekends!”

“My daughter is a visual learner and the comic strips are perfect for her!”

“My child left each group eager to do assignments and learn more about the week's topic.”

“I was pleased that my daughter saw strong, young beautiful black women in leadership roles.”

“As a result of this program I have decided to take my girls to cultural events and continue helping educate them about their race.”

“My son gained a lot of confidence.”

“CSBY encouraged my son to be who he is and to accept his race.”

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