Celebrating the Strengths of Black Youth (CSBY) is an evidence based intervention program that helps Black children and their families build skills to address the unique challenges of living in a predominantly White society.

Proven effective at boosting children’s self-esteem, CSBY encourages children to explore the rich, scholarly heritage of their ancestors while learning important life skills.

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10 Sessions

10 Sessions

CSBY teaches children social-cultural skills in 10 small-group sessions. It also includes fun activities that children and their families can do at home and in their communities.

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Materials for Group Leaders

Group leaders are provided with fully scripted lesson plans with detailed instructions for activities designed to achieve specific goals, such as discovering and building on strengths, acting respectfully, and managing emotions.

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Designed for Professionals

The CSBY program is designed to be implemented by members of helping professions, such as psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers, as well as paraprofessionals who provide mentoring services and support to Black children and families.

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Multiple Settings

Groups can meet in a variety of settings, such as after-school programs, community centers, mentoring groups, and churches.

“CSBY has done an excellent job educating my daughter about her heritage and giving her a sense of pride about her race.”

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